DVD Series on Antique Slot Machines


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DVD / Thumb Drive

Description Status Price
Slot Machine Restoration

Mills Castle Front

Documents the complete restoration of a Mills Castle Front slot machine. This is a 5 DVD set. Go to here for more information and to check availability.

Duration: Approx. 8 hours

Procedure to fix most common jams on antique slot machines.

Mills escalator machines
Mills Goosenecks
Watling Rol-A-Tops
Watling Goosenecks
Pace Comets
Jennings Chiefs

Discusses how to fix 90% of the jams which occur on most antique slot machines. Go to here for more information and to check availability.

Duration: About 95 minutes

Antique Roulette Machines

Caille Roulette
Mills Roulette
Caille Aristocrat
Watling Derby


Discusses the history of these machines. Has video of all three working. Very detailed video of the mechanism is included for the Caille Roulette and Aristocrat machines.

The Watling Derby is included as a bonus, even though it is not technically a Roulette machine. Video of mechanism is also included. Only two Derbys are known to exist. NOTE: The Derby video was shot over 15 years ago and is not of the same quality as the other videos. Even though the quality is not the same as the others, we felt it was good enough to include on the DVD.

Duration: 55 minutes


Mills QTs


Discusses the history of the QT line of slots. Detailed video of the QT mechanism is included. Being planned
Jennings Chiefs Prospector
Hunting Scene
Sun Chief
Club Chief
Club Special
Discusses the history of the various Chief machines. Videos of machines are included. Detailed video of Prospector mechanism and how it works is also included. Being planned
Dice Machines

Buckley Bones
Mills Dice

Discusses the history of the Mills Dice and Buckley Bones. Detailed video of the machines and their mechanisms and a discussion how they work.

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes.

Gimmick Machines Mills Bonus (HH)
Mills Futurity
Pace Kitty
Discusses the history of the more popular gimmick machines. Detailed video of the mechanism for all three machines are included, including video how to get the Bonus back in sync. In production
Mills Machines

War Eagle
Castle Front
Melon Bell
Two Column FOK
Future Play Golden
Baker's Front
Operators Bell
Operators Bell console

A discussion around the various Mills machines. Detailed video of all are included. Detailed video on the mechanisms for the unusual machines is included. Being planned

Coin Front
Cherry Front Console
5 pulls for a quarter
Diamon Front with side shooter
Vendor front Rol-A-Tor

A discussion of the various Rol-A-Tops and Rol-A-Tors. Video of all the machines are included and detailed video of the mechanisms for the 5 pull for a quarter Rol-A-Top and also the Rol-A-Top with side skill shooter feature (1 of three known to exist). Being planned
Counter Wheels

Caille Ben Hur
Watling Excelsior
Caille Silver Cup
Fey Duo

A discussion around the various counter wheel machines. Detailed video of the mechanism for all are included. Being planned

If you want to get an idea of what these look like then please check out my videos which are currently on YouTube. These videos are condensed versions of what are on the DVDs. Since they are on YouTube the quality had to be compressed to make them fit. The quality on the actual DVD is much higher. Go to here to see what is currently available. As the DVDs become available I may remove the YouTube videos.