Information and Videos of Unique Slot Machines

If you have one of these for sale please let me know. If I am not interested odds are I know a collector who is.

These machines are either from my personal collection or from collections of various people that I know who were kind enough to let me take a video of their machine.

In some cases the collector emailed me the video or brought the machine over to my house so I could get the video.

Unless stated otherwise, assume the machine is NOT for sale. If you have a question about a particular machine then email it to me and I will forward it to the owner.

In the videos I sometimes will mention how scarce a particular machine is. However, I do not give my opinion on what the value of the machine is.

Mills Dice

Caille Peerless Roulette

Caille Aristocrat

Mills Bonus
Pace Kitty
Mills Futurity


Watling Derby



Watling Rol-A-Top
Cherry Front
5 Pulls for a Quarter


Watling Rol-A-Top
Diamond Bell
Side Shooter Skill

Mills Skyscraper
2 Plays for a Nickel

Mills War Eagle
with Future Pay Mechanism

Video has advice about identifying reproductions.

Jennings Prospector

Coming Soon

Evans Races
Similar to Paces Races

Click on the play (right arrow) to view the clip. To adjust the volume click on the volume icon. To pause the clip click on the pause button.

Mills Cricket

Caille Silver Cup

Fey Duo

Superior Races

Buckley Bones
Mills Owl
Floor Wheel with Music
Watling Treasury

F. Mills Jockey

Mills Check Boy

Mills Vest Pocket

Jennings Sun Chief

Mills Future Play Golden Vendor

Mills Melon Bell


Want to see a video of a particular machine? Send me an email and I will see what I can do. My email is When I am actively working on it I will put it in the grid above.

If you have an unusual machine and would like to have it featured above send me an email and we can discuss it.


Other Interesting Coin Operated Devices

Coochie Coochie
Automated Dancing Figure

Mills Violono Virtuoso
NOTE: I am actively looking for one of these.

Mills Hi Boy
First Jukebox

Twilight Zone Pinball
"Lost in the Zone"


While I don't usually buy non gambling related items I do know serious collectors and dealers who do. If you have a non gambling related coin-op device and want to sell it then let me know and I will put you in touch with a reputable collector or dealer.