Terms and Conditions for selling machines via this site

  1. I certify that I am the owner of this machine or have permission from the owner to list this machine for sale.
  2. I understand there are risks associated with selling anything on the Internet and assume all those risks.
  3. I certify that the description of the machine is accurate.
  4. I understand that my listing may be removed for any reason at any time.
  5. I will not hold the individual(s) and/or corporation(s) associated with this listing responsible for anything.
  6. These terms and conditions may change and I will agree to the new terms. If I do not agree to them I will notify the site and tell them to remove my listings.
  7. Do not put in your contact information with the detailed description of the machine. We have a mechanism in place for people who are interested to contact you. Contact information includes your name, phone number, business name, and URL to your web page. If you put in your contact information it will probably be automatically removed.
  8. Due to laws regulating the sale of slot machines  I, as the seller, will not sell any slot machine to anyone who resides in Alabama, Connecticut, Hawaii, Indiana, Nebraska, South Carolina or Tennessee.