FAQ for selling items on the Antique Slot Machine Price Guide Site

Odds are, that any questions you have are answered below. If not, scroll to the bottom to send an email to us.

  1. Is there a fee?
    While we are perfecting the site, there is no fee whatsoever. We may charge a fee in the future but in the mean time why not give it a shot?
  2. How do I see the machines that are for sale?
    Click on the "For Sale" link that is shown in the main screen for the "Online Price Guide", you will then be taken to a page where you can login to your account or just go and view all machines that are for sale. Click here to be taken directly to the for sale area of the site.
  3. How do I login?
    Click on the "For Sale" link that is shown in the main screen for the "Online Price Guide" or just click here.
  4. How do I manage the machines I have listed?
    Click on the "For Sale" link that is shown in the main screen for the "Online Price Guide", from there you can login to your account. Once you are logged in, you will be taken to a screen which lists all your machines that you have listed and you can then add new listings or modify existing listings. Click here to be taken to the page where you can login.
  5. Why should I try and sell it here and not use eBay?
    If you have sold on eBay you know about their high fees and what a hassle it is. You also know about all the pure crap that shows up which is why a lot of serious dealers and collectors don't waste their time with it anymore. Why not list it here, give it a week or so to sell, if it doesn't then you can always try eBay.
  6. Can I list my machine here and have it for sale on eBay at the same time?
    We request that you don't list it here and have it on eBay at the same time. Doing so is not fair to the people who are bidding on your machine via eBay and to the people who are interested in buying it via this site. If we find out that your listing is also on eBay we may remove your listing or mark your listing as "No longer for sale" which will prevent interested buyers in contacting you.
  7. Do I have to register to see the machines that are for sale?
  8. What can I sell?
    If it takes a coin and is at least 25 years old then feel free. In general, we expect to see slot machines, trade stimulators, pinball machines, and jukeboxes. However, if you have, say, an antique toilet paper dispenser that takes money (yes, they did make them) then you could also list that.
  9. Can I upload a photo of my machine?
    Yes, you can currently upload a single photo. We may enhance the site to allow multiple photos in the future.
  10. Can I sell reproduction / revampped machines?
    No, if you do your listing will probably be removed. If you try again you may get banned from listing and buying machines on this site.
  11. Will my name or email every show up on the site?
    No, when a prospective buyer wants to contact you they will fill out a form and we will then send you an email with their question and their email address. It is up to you to decide to get back to them. When you register, we also require a nickname, this nickname may show up with your listing (we have not yet decided).
  12. How do people contact me?
    See above.
  13. Can I change the price?
    Yes, you can change the price at any point in time.
  14. Can I update the listing?
    You can add to the description and update the price. You can also indicate the machine has been sold or is no longer for sale.
  15. Is there a way to do an auction instead of listing a price?
    Right now, there are no plans to provide auctions. Too many silly games go on at auctions (shills and all that).
  16. If I register to sell a machine, does that give me the ability to look at prices in the price guide section of the site?
    No, if you want to access our extensive price guide (currently over 5,500 machines) you need to purchase a subcription to it.
  17. I am a registered user for getting prices, do I also have to register to sell machines?
    Yes, we require all sellers to register. Registration to sell machines is free.
  18. What if I change my mind and no longer want to sell the machine?
    You can easily change the status to "No Longer For Sale". Once you do that people will no longer be able to contact you about the machine
  19. How long will it take to sell my machine?
    That is impossible to say. If you price it reasonably it should sell quickly. If you try to sell it for more than it is worth it may take a while or, for that matter, never sell. Most of the major collectors and dealers know about his site. If you have a rare and desirable machine then you will probably sell it quickly (if it is priced fairly). If you have a common machine then a collector will probably not be interested but a dealer will be.
  20. I still have a question, how do I contact you?
    Click here to be taken to a form to send us a note.