Antique Slot Machine Price Guide

Terms and Conditions for buying machines via this site

  1. I certify that if I contact anyone who has a machine listed that I am genuinely interested in that machine.
  2. I understand there are risks associated with buying anything on the Internet and assume all those risks.
  3. I understand that it is up to me to do the due diligence required before agreeing to buy a machine or sending any money to any individual.
  4. I understand that photos can make a machine look to be in better condition than it really is.
  5. I understand that I may be banned from attempting to buy machines via this site for any reason and at any time.
  6. I understand that the correspondence that I send via this site may be logged and should not be considered private.
  7. I also understand that the correspondence that I attempt to send via this site may not be delivered to the seller due to a variety of reasons (including, but not limited to, technical reasons and the owner not supplying a correct email address to us).
  8. I understand that just because a machine is listed, it might not still be available because the owner may have not yet updated the site with the current status of the machine that he or she is selling.
  9. I will not hold the individual(s) and/or corporation(s) associated with this site responsible for anything.
  10. These terms and conditions may change. It is my responsibility to check these terms and conditions before I attempt to make contact with any person who has listed a machine for sale.

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