How to Unjam an Antique Slot Machine


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As you probably know, there are very few people around who know how to repair or unjam an antique slot machine. If you do find someone then it is a hassle to either get the machine to them or convince them to come to the machine. In either case, it will probably cost at least $75.

While most antique slot machines are very reliable, they are 100% mechanical. It is not a matter of if they will jam, only a matter of when. In addition, Murphy's Law states the machine will jam at the least opportune time (like just before a party).

Based on all the calls and email that I get regarding jammed slot machines, I thought it might be useful to produce some videos on how to unjam some of the more common styles of antique slot machines. Describing how to do it in an email or over the phone can be very difficult. It is much easier to SHOW you how to do it.

By popular request, all of the videos are available on a single DVD.

The following machines are covered:

Not only do I show how to fix most common jams. I also show how to remove the mechanism from the case, cycle the mechanism outside the case, and put the mechanism back in the case. The only tool required is a screw driver. The types of machines that are shown cover over 90% of the antique slot machines that are still in existence.

The price of the DVD is $39.95 + $4.95 (shipping & handling). If you would like to order one, please send me an email to confirm they are still available. Payment is via PayPal only.

Current promotion: You can get the unjam DVD for only $15 if you order it along with the 5 DVD set which documents the complete restoration of a Mills Castle Front slot machine. Go to here for more information.

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DVD / Thumb Drive

NOTE: If you are purchasing a slot machine from a dealer or a store then ask them to throw in this DVD for free. Many reputable dealers buy these DVDs from me and then give one to their customers for free. It actually saves them money because you won't be calling them to fix minor jams. If your dealer is unaware of this DVD then send them to my web site (

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