This information provided via the courtesy of Vintage Slots of Colorado, Inc.

If you have an antique coin machine and want to sell it, please send me an email. If I am not interested in it, I will forward your email to a collector who probably is.

The following information is the web version of Coin Op on CD which was a book all about antique coin machines and it was distributed on a CD-ROM. This book was written in 1995 and sold in 1996. Please take this into consideration when reading the articles. There are no plans to come out with version 2. However, we do plan on periodically updating the information on the web version.
The CD version of the book has pricing information as well as a dealer directory. Since the prices are out of date and many of the dealers/collectors may no longer be collecting the machine we have purposely left this information out of the web version. However, we do keep in contact with many dealers and collectors who are actively buying and selling machines and would be happy to put you in touch with one if you have a machine you are looking to sell.

If you are looking to purchase an antique coin machine you may also send me an email and I will put you in touch with a reputable dealer. Odds are, I will not be selling the machine you are looking for (since I rarely sell any machines).

Any text that appears in red is a link to another part of the book. To jump to that section simply put the mouse icon on the Red characters and click. Unless otherwise indicated, Vintage Slots of Colorado, Inc. claims the copyright to the material in this book.

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The $ button (on the tool bar) will indicate our ESTIMATED value of the current piece. If the button is grayed out then we do not have pricing information for that piece.

The "PC" (Photo Credits) button will, if active, tell you information about the current picture. Such as, whose machine it is, or who took the picture. If the button is not active, then the person does not wish us to use his or her name.
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