I recently just purchased a bunch of machines from an estate. These machines were from a collector who was very private. Very few people knew him. These machines have been out of circulation for decades and are now available once again. Many of the machines purchased are duplicates of what I already have. In order to get the machines at a somewhat reasonable price I had to buy the lot.

Situations like this do not come up very often. I had to pay quite a bit for these machines but am selling some of them to try and recoup some of my investment and also selling the machines that I already have in my collection.

These machines were purchased over Thanksgiving (2011) weekend and many sold quickly once word got out about the purchase.

There are several machines still available and priced reasonably. Several of the machines still available are pretty rare (e.g., penny Rol-A-Tor with gold award).

Below is a list and some photos. Most of the machines are still at a friends house in California. If you want more photos let me (Dave@IBuyOldSlots.com) know and I will get them to you.

I don't list prices because the prices will actually start going up as machines are sold and I start to recoup some of my investment. I also bought some non slot machine stuff and will add that later.

Many of the machines have sold. There was more stuff in the collection and I just got around to adding those photos (towards the bottom).

Genco - VERY RARE - Only a few known to exist. It looks like a trade stimulator but is really a slot machine AND a gumball vendor

Below is an article that the late Dick Bueschel wrote about this machine. This is the only article I could find about this machine.

Some pages back, 14 to be exact, we described the C&F BABY GRAND first made by Field in Peoria in 1932, then moved to Chicago in 1933. We posed the question: "Let's.... assume the F.' in C&F was Field. If so, who was 'C'?"
The answer may or may not be in this colorful 1934 automatic payout Baby Bell machine which is decidedly unique and apparently extremely rare. The strange fact is that this is the only time you'll ever see the Genco name on an automatic payout slot. Before Genco produced the BABY GRAND the firm was deeply committed to pinballs and counter games. After that it was almost pinballs exclusively. So it was one year, and one model, for payout Bells.
Compare this BABY GRAND to the previously described C&F model. You'll see the family resemblance right away, only now a bulging covered payout cup has been added to an extensively cleaned up cabinet Other differences include an integral marquee at the top with a "1C Ball Gum 1 C" legend — typical for a counter game but literally unheard of for a payout slot and various approaches to an Art Deco trim. Then there's that play handle. What a wiggling wonder. The final touch is the visible gumball window, for this is a vender, among a lot of other things.
Who was Genco? If you are a pinball wizard the name would drip from your lips like fine wine. So would the name Gensberg. In a way it's a tale of four brothers, starting with Lou. Back in 1930 Louis W. Gensburg was making charms in a small loft factory space on North Ashland Avenue in Chicago. His big customer was another Chicago outfit that made a confection called "Crackerjack", one of the tastiest and most successful junk food products of the late twenties and early thirties. Listen to the words of the song "Take me out to the ball game". A later verse says: "Buy me some peanuts and Crack-er-jack. I don't care if I never get back (to work, or home, or whatever)." Then his brother Dave said "let's make counter games" or something to that effect, and joined him in 1930. Then his brother Meyer did too, and the Genco (For Gensberg Company) Manufacturing Company was born, to become a significant factor in the business of making pinball games. Then brother Sam came along and set up his own pinball company called Chicago Coin Machine Company. Some people believe it was ChiCoin that made BABY GRAND.
The "trades" of the day saw it differently. The March 1934 issue of THE COIN MACHINE JOURNAL solidly credits the machine to Genco, and
goes on to say, "A new type pay-out machine which might be classed in the Bell field but which is an entirely new construction is the pay machine by Genco which attracted unusual attention". Maybe Sam's, too! But maybe not
Back to assumptions. If Sam Gensberg staked Field to the engineering and maybe production of the BABY GRAND, ChiCoin could be the "C" in C&F. We know the Genco, and maybe the Chicago Coin, model is later.

Superior Races

This exact machine appeared in Coin Slot 34.

It is a dime machine which makes it even more rare and desirable (one of the few times a dime machine is a bonus).

Not For Sale


Jennings Triplex

Same machine, different lighting conditions caused the colors to be different.


Mills Futurity

Has odds changing mechanism (commonly missing on Futurities)

Mills Horsehead Bonus - SOLD      
Mills FOK Really nice complete Mills Silent FOK. Mech, cabinet and castings are in very nice condition. Original wood grained back door is really nice. These seldom survive in this kind of condition. It was very common for operators to put their initials on the sides of the cabinet. This machine has that. I have had a number of machines over the years which were branded this way. Mech is very clean and nice and has superb original tin lithographed fortune telling reel strips. You can usually tell the condition of a machine by the reel strips in my opinion. Rarely if ever do you find a beater slot with nice original strips. The only negative to the machine that I saw was a chip on the right corner of the back bonnet. This doesn’t detract from the overall quality of the machine and is not seen with the back door on.    

A. C. Multibell - Rare Machine


Pace Waitress - SOLD      
Buckley Bones - SOLD      
Watling Cherry Front Rol-A-Top - SOLD      

Watling $.01 Rol-A-Tor with gold award - rare machine


Watling $.01 Treasury      
Watling Gum Vendor      
Jennings Golf Ball - SOLD      
Mills Lion Head - SOLD

Mills Dial - Rare machine

Has side vendor

SteepleChase - SOLD  

Mills Baseball

Has all the good stuff. Scroll to right to read about it.

Mills Baseball slot machines came with different features. This one has deferred pay and the mech unit is there and complete and also the parts on the sub base are complete. Quite often part or all of this feature is missing. Nice reel strips. Nice clean mech. Cabinet is very nice and has the gold stencil as original. I was unaware anyone was redoing the stencil when this machine was purchased, mid 80’s to early 90’s. I assume it has been redone as it is too nice to be original. Lithographed play field on the front is a nice original. Machine pays and plays as it should. It even still has the security door for the cash box. Overall it’s a very nice machine.
Mills Castle Front - SOLD      

Millard Gum




Rex Gumball




Superior Trade Stimulator

Pretty unusual machine

Fill Up      
Hole In One Gum Game - Rare - SOLD