The following tips are only for the Windows 95 native program (coin-op.exe). They do not apply to the Browser version.

Any text that appears in red is a link to another part of the book. To jump to that section simply put the mouse icon on the Red characters and click. Unless otherwise indicated, Vintage Slots of Colorado, Inc. claims the copyright to the material in this book.

If you want to go back (where you came from) click on the left arrow (on the tool bar). If you want to start at the beginning (from anywhere) click on the "R" on the tool bar. If you want to clear an image from the screen just click on it.

There are several buttons on the tool bar which will take you directly to a category (e.g., click on the pinball machine to go straight to the pinball section of the book). If you let the cursor sit on a button for a couple of seconds a message will appear which will tell you where the button will take you.

The $ button (on the tool bar) will indicate our ESTIMATED value of the current piece. If the button is grayed out then we do not have pricing information for that piece.

The "PC" (Photo Credits) button will, if active, tell you information about the current picture. Such as, whose machine it is, or who took the picture. If the button is not active, then the person does not wish us to use his or her name.
The first 9 links on the screen can be accessed directly by hitting the numbers 1 - 9. To redraw a photo that is associated with a page hit the 'P' key. To go back one level hit the 'B' key. To restart at the beginning, hit the 'R' key.