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If you are looking to purchase an antique coin machine you may also send me an email and I will put you in touch with a reputable dealer. Odds are, I will not be selling the machine you are looking for (since I rarely sell any machines).

The FOK (circa 1923) was legal in marginal areas because the machine would show the player how much he was going to win on the "next pull". Since the player knew how much he was going to get on the next pull he wasn't gambling. The way the machine works is when a winner is hit, the coins fall on top of a slide. When the next game is played the slide moves and the coins won on the previous play are paid out. A small window indicates how many coins are going to be paid. Many later slot machines had the FOK feature. The version introduced by Mills in 1923 also was a four column mint vendor. Jennings and Watling copied the 1923 Mills Version. Click here to see a close-up of the top casting.

Here is another picture of a 4 column FOK
More information can be found on page 97 of Bueschel's "Slots 1" book.