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If you have an antique coin machine and want to sell it, please send me an email. If I am not interested in it, I will forward your email to a collector who probably is.

The following information is the web version of Coin Op on CD which was a book all about antique coin machines and it was distributed on a CD-ROM. This book was written in 1995 and sold in 1996. Please take this into consideration when reading the articles. There are no plans to come out with version 2. However, we do plan on periodically updating the information on the web version.
The CD version of the book has pricing information as well as a dealer directory. Since the prices are out of date and many of the dealers/collectors may no longer be collecting the machine we have purposely left this information out of the web version. However, we do keep in contact with many dealers and collectors who are actively buying and selling machines and would be happy to put you in touch with one if you have a machine you are looking to sell.

If you are looking to purchase an antique coin machine you may also send me an email and I will put you in touch with a reputable dealer. Odds are, I will not be selling the machine you are looking for (since I rarely sell any machines).

All of the articles in this section were provided by Dick Bueschel. Dick Bueschel owns the copyright to all the articles written by him. Please get in touch with Dick if you would like to use them.
The 50 articles listed below originally appeared in Antique Week Magazine. Unfortunately, we do not have the pictures that some of the articles refer to. However, many of the machines discussed are referenced in the slot machine section of this book.
If you would like to help Dick out on his "Arcade 2" book then click here to find out how. Please direct all questions to Dick about this project. We are providing this information as a "thank you" to Dick for his invaluable contributions to this book.
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1. Coin Machines
2. What? Who? When? How Much?
3. Go To a Coin Machine Show
4. Keeping Up With Coin Machine Collecting
5. Coin Machine Makers Made A Variety Of Types
6. They Call Them Soda Machines
7. Slot Machines, Legal And Not
8. Trade Stimulators And Counter Games
9. Pinball: Kinetic Excitement For A Coin
10. Soda Machines A Separate Collectible
11. Getting And Caring For Your Own Private Slot Machine
12. Three Values: Buying, Selling and Replacing
13. Rules Of Value
14. Coin-Op Scales: Forgotten Collectible
15. The Jukebox Is In A Class By Itself
16. Arcade Machines Are A Card
17. What's A Vintage Coin Machine Worth
18. Shows Add Excitement To Coin-Op Collecting
19. Buying Vintage Coin Machines
20. Coin-Ops Need To Look Good And Work
21. Finding Antique Coin-Ops Requires Searching
22. You Can Learn A Lot At Vintage Coin-Op Shows
23. How to Become a Coin Machine Collector
24. Who Really Cares About Coin Machines
25. Summer Offers New Slot Machine Finding Possibilities
26. How Could O. D. Jennings Be Forgotten?
27. Why Coin Machine Collecting Is So Interesting
28. Recommended Book For Beginning Coin-Op Collectors
29. Finding The Right Things In All The Wrong Places
30. Condition Has A Lot To Do With Value
31. Pricing Knowledge is Widespread
32. Slots! Slots And More Slots!
33. Discipline Crossover Adds Interest to Coin-Ops
34. Patent History on Adams Pepsin TUTTI-FRUTTI Gum Machine
35. Peanut Vending Machines Patent History